Business from circular economy of textiles

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Telaketju is a cooperation network that forwards textile recycling. The aim is to develop the collection, sorting out and refining processes of end-of-life textiles. Moreover, the network enables the development of business models related to discussed circular economy. In Telaketju, a national ecosystem of knowledge is being advanced, building a platform for the creation of new and strong industry with multidisciplinary collaboration.

The Telavalue project started in Spring 2022. It is directly linked to earlier Telaketju projects. The vision of Telavalue is to solve sustainability and waste problems related to current textile system through circular economy. Telavalue is Business Finland Co-Innovation project which consists of the public research project and six company projects. 



Greetings from Telavalue project

Telaketju's third Telavalue project funded by Business Finland passed the halfway point in early February. The research work is progressing at a fast pace and also the experimental work regarding......

Researcher visit to Saxion University of Applied Science

International collaboration of companies and research organizations alike has important role in Telavalue project. Researcher visits, to and from, have key role in such collaboration for research......

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