Value chain map – Circular textile actors in Europe

The meaning of value chains is significant in enabling the circular economy of textiles. The Telavalue-project has reflected on future circular textile value chains and investigated what kind of actors there already exists in Europe. This value chain map can help Finnish organisations to find interesting textile industry partners to strengthen their circular economy business also internationally.

You can visit the map here: Telavalue Map (

The map contains over 500 organisations, which have circular textile related activities mainly in Europe in these parts of the value chain:

  • Textile production and manufacturing
  • Textile use phase business models and services
  • Textile (waste) recovery and recycling
  • Support for textile circularity
  • In all the above!

The researchers of Telavalue-project have gathered the organizations in the map by utilizing search engines, existing networks, and on-going projects. All actors have been added to the map by utilizing publicly available sources during the year 2022. With this map, we are only scratching the surface – we are sure many interesting actors are missing from our list. In case you wish modifications, additions or the removal of some actor, please send an e-mail to The map can be updated at least until the end of the year 2023. The organisations added to the map have been chosen according to the descriptions on their websites, and no deeper analysis on their activities has been made. Thus, we cannot guarantee the sustainability of their business. The map does not include Fashion Brands or Retailers, but rather focuses on actors that can support them in the transformation towards circular economy.

The map is in English and the organisations can be searched under these categories: