End-of-life textile refinement research at Laroche plant in France

End-of-life textiles collected by Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto and sorted at the Texvex shop of Turun Seudun TST ry were refined into ready-to-use needled felt and thermo-compressed felt as well as cotton and polyester fibres. The original materials constituted 400 kg of end-of-life cotton and 200 kg of end-of-life polyester. Buttons and zips etc. were first removed. The textiles were shredded, opened, mixed, air-teased, needled and/or thermo-compressed. The prepared materials were sent to various Telaketju operators for testing. The refinement research was organized by Ilmakunnas Oy and conducted at the Laroche S.A. technical centre in France between 24 and 25 January 2018.

To Soften for the manufacture of acoustic panels.

To Paptic for the manufacture of packaging materials.

To VTT for the manufacture of thread and foam forming.

To Suominen for testing to replace original fibres.

To Globe Hope for product development.

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