Recycling demo of pillows and blankets

The demo explored the possibilities of recycling pillows and blankets. Familon collected pillows and blankets from consumers in the Recycling campaign and looked for ways to recycle them and further use possibilities for them. The aim of this demo was to investigate whether it would be possible to process the thermoplastic composite mass from the pillows and blankets collected from consumers during the campaign so that their different materials (filling and cover fabric) would not need to be separated from each other. The demo was performed in the plastics laboratory of Lahti University of Applied Sciences. In the demo, it was noticed that the roughing machine of LAMK’s plastics laboratory was not completely suitable for processing fiber products due to warping and electrification. The uniformity of the crushed material still needs to be developed before continuing the test runs. Better options for the crusher would probably be a tearing opener and a card.