T-shirt and knitted fabrics

The aim of the demo was to test the knittability of yarns made from recycled materials on an industrial scale.

In the demo, three different materials were knitted (gauge 12) in the knitting laboratory in Borås. The yarns were:

  1. 60/40 mechanically opened rCO/rPET, 20 Ne, (33 Nm, 30 tex), Pure Waste​
  2. 75/25 rPET/biobased cellulose, (34/2 Nm, 30 tex)​
  3. 70/30 rCO/rPET, 6/1 Ne (10 Nm). ESP 3, LSJH post-consumer

Circular machine was well suited for knitting yarns made from recycled materials.

T-shirt yarn: 60% mechanically opened rCO 40% rPET, 20 Ne, (33 Nm, 30 tex), Pure Waste



Lea Heikinheimo

Niko Rantala