Yarns and knits from mechanically opened fibres in collaboration with CITEVE

The aim was to use mechanically opened fibres from post-consumer denim fabrics, increase the recycled fibre content in the yarns and compare the spinnability of mechanically opened fibres from pre- and post-consumer denims.

LSJH provided the mechanically opened post-consumer fibres for the spinning trials. Pre-consumer fibres were opened at CITEVE as well as the yarn spinning and knitting trials were carried out at CITEVE. Eight yarns were spun and knitted samples were obtained from all eight yarns.

The amount of recycled fibres in yarn was increased up to 75% with both pre- and post-consumer samples. The yarn tenacities of yarns containing recycled fibres were slightly lower compared with yarn from primary cotton, but all the yarns performed well in the knitting trial.



1. Post-consumer denim (VTT5), 50% recycled + 50% primary CO
2. Post-consumer denim (VTT5), 25% recycled + 75% primary CO
3. White primary cotton, 0% recycled + 100% primary CO
4. Post-consumer denim + softener (VTT6), 50% recycled + 50% primary CO
5. Post-consumer denim + softener (VTT6), 75% recycled + 25% primary CO
6. Post-consumer denim + elastane, black (VTT7), 50% recycled + 50% primary CO
7. Pre-consumer denim (CIT5), 50% recycled + 50% primary CO
8. Pre-consumer denim (CIT5), 75% recycled + 25% primary CO


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Taina Kamppuri

Lea Heikinheimo