News from Telaketju 2 research project


Telaketju 2 research project will coming to its end in this spring. We are currently moving from research phase into finalization of results, communication about the outcome and reporting phase. Due to corona situation, our networking activities are still carried our virtually. However, virtual events enables us reaching more individuals compared to face-to-face events. This is especially true in international relations.

In January we organized Finnish Swedish Textile Circularity Day on-line event in co-operation with NordicBio project. In addition to quest speakers, we also presented Telaketju work and results related to circular design, business models and recycling. Our open research oriented webinar series is still going on, and we are also planning final event in English – but more information about that later-on.

Companies and other organizations are actively making Finland as one of the forerunners in circularity of textiles. We are currently seeking opportunities for continuation of research work with companies possibly using Business Finland funding tools. In addition to active consortium in Finland, also international relations and co-operation is necessary for the success of such project. We are open to international research collaboration as well. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Pirjo Heikkilä
Coordinator of Telaketju 2 Business Finland project
VTT, Senior Scientist and Project Manager