News from Telaketju research


Research work has been actively continued in Telaketju 2 BF project. We have learned a lot and now at the last quarter of the project, we are starting to move into communication and reporting phase. We have been publishing blogs and webinars mainly to Finnish audience, however some results from our consumer studies, for example, have also been published in English in our News page. Telaketju company network is also active, the concept for national collection of enf-of-life textiles in Finland has been developed and published by Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto, and we are waiting the opening of the textile refinement plant in Paimio in early 2021.

Covid-19 situation has slightly delayed our work related to quick trials of business models and recycling demonstrations, but we will soon start getting results from those as well. Furthermore, we will have guidelines for product designer and qualification of textile waste getting ready for publishing soon. We do publish most of the work in Finnish, but all main results will also be summarized within our project’s final report, which will be written in English.

Telaketju project and network is actively co-operating and communicating with other actors and projects.  Examples of our international networking and communication activities include our research oriented networking webinar series and on-line event organized with bilateral FIN-SWE NordicBio project. Invited speakers of Finnish-Swedish Textile Circularity Day come from these countries, but it is open for anyone to participate.

We are currently looking forward for future research needs and companies interested in participating. We are also interested in collaborating with foreign companies and projects. More information from

Have a good rest of the year 2020 and happy holiday season!

Pirjo Heikkilä
Coordinator of Telaketju 2 BF project
Senior Scientist at VTT