Future Textile Manufacturing – Workshop 12.3.2024

Online 12.3.2024 12:30

Future Textile Manufacturing workshop creates a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge and engage in discussions on the challenges in textile sector, and how these can be overcome with the new technologies. Topics covered will include real-life challenges, such as identifying data gaps, implementing automation in the textile industry, and exploring the use of robotics in the textile sector.

During the workshop, the participants have a chance to engage in comprehensive discussions and examination of case studies in small groups, discussing how the new technologies can help with solving the challenges. Additionally, the workshop offers a platform for networking and potential cooperation, as well as the exploration of new projects within this field.

The event will be organized virtually, and the language of the workshop is English. Participation is free of charge.

Workshop will take place 12.03.2024 at 12.30–15.30 EET, Finnish time (i.e., 11.30–14.30 CET)

Please register by 8th March 2024 here.

The workshop is organized by Telavalue project.

For more information, please contact:

Research scientists Noora Raipale (noora.raipale(at)vtt.fi) and Aravin Periyasamy (aravin.periyasamy(at)vtt.fi), VTT.