Finnish-Swedish Textile Circularity Day

Online 14.1.2021 10:00

Finnish-Swedish Textile Circularity Day will be held at January 14th 2021

Registration is now open via this link.  Dead-line for registration in January 12th 2021.

Target of the on-line event is collaboration and networking, and it also enables information exchange and possibility to disseminate results of recent projects and developments related to textile circularity in Finland and Sweden. Event Organized by Telaketju and NordicBio projects, and it is free and open for everyone.

Starting time of this 6 hour event is at 10 am in Finland and at 9 am in Sweden/CET. Program will be composing of theme sessions with invited speakers from research and industry.

Program consists of two theme session in the morning – M1 Circular design and products and M2 Circular business models. After lunch break we have three sessions focusing on recycling topics – A1 Collecting and sorting of textile waste, A2 Pre-processing and mechanical recycling, and A3 Other recycling processes.

Preliminary information about the speakers, companies and/or topics listed below (changes possible)

  • M1 Circular design and products: research aspects by LAB & Telaketju project, and Rudrajeet Pal/University of Borås; company introductions The Sole Theory, and Nimble Patch
  • M2 Circular business models: research examples by Inka Mäkiö/Turku UAS & Telaketju project, and Rudrajeet Pal/ University of Borås; company introductions Soile-Maria Linnemäki/Vaatepuu and Sissi Penttilä/Reima.
  • A1 Collecting and sorting of textile waste: Sini Ilmonen/Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto – separate collecting, Maria Ström/ Wargön Innovation – sorting and Fibersort line, Erik Perzon/IVL – Siptex/Sysav sorting facility, Mikko Mäkelä/VTT – hyperspectrum imaging
  • A2 Pre-processing and mechanical recycling: research results by Marjo Määttänen/VTT -cleaning process for fibres (NordicBio project), Taina Kamppuri/VTT – yarns from post-consumer textiles (Telaketju project), Petri Jetsu/VTT – foam laid nonwovens (NordicBio project); company introductions and development by Outi Luukko/Rester, N.N./Vividye, and Jukka Pesola/Pure Waste
  • A3 Other recycling processes: research work Marianna Vehviläinen/VTT – Biocelsol process, Marja Rissanen/Aalto University – Ioncell process, Paula Sarsama/VTT – thermoplastic recycling, Karin Lindqvist/RISE – polyester recycling, Eetta Saarimäki/VTT – composites (Telaketju project)

Most presenters (especially those coming from research) will have pre-recorded presentations made available for registered participants beforehand, target is in January 8th 2021. During the event we have shorter pitches from companies and highlighting research topics, and then we have time for Q&A, panels, discussions and networking.

Please contact, if you have any questions.