New R&D webinar recording and materials now available


The second Telaketju open webinar was held on May 13th 2020. Pirjo Heikkilä from VTT was chairing the webinar and altogether 65 participants visited webinar within the two hours.

This webinar consisted of four interesting presentations from Netherlands, Sweden and Japan.

• Jan Mahy from Saxion UAS (NL) presenting TexPlus project (Presentation)

• Natalia Papu from Circle Economy (NL) presenting Fibersort project (Presentation) in recording from ~0:33 onwards

• Ambjörn Lätt from IVL (SE) presenting Siptex project (Presentation) ~0:56 onwards
See also YouTube video about Siptex

• Jarkko Jussila: COVEROSS® textile finishing & protection technology (JP) (Presentation) ~1:12 onwards


The recording is available here and below.

There will be two webinars in autumn 2020 and two more in spring 2021. You can suggest a topic to be presented in this series while registration (one registration for whole series is enough), and if already registered by email (