Finnish-Swedish Textile Circularity Day 14.1.2021


Pre-recorded full presentations for the Finnish-Swedish Textile Circularity event as well as the pitch presentation slides from the event can be watched via the links below from those presenters who have given permission to share the material. See also eventual additional links for more information on the topics.


Circular Products & Design

  • Telaketju design aspects – Annariina Ruokamo / LAB University of Applied Sciences – full presentation
  • Circular design (Re:Textile) – Rudrajeet Pal / University of Borås – pitch slides
  • Case Sole Theory – Chris Margetts / The Sole Theory – company website
  • Case Nimble Patch – Annica Paulsson-Haglund and Maria Borbos / Nimble Patch – full presentation, pitch slides

Circular Economy Business Models

Collecting & Sorting of Textile Waste

Pre-processing and Mechanical Recycling

Other Recycling Methods